Welcome To AS139073

Just another experimental project. Operated by tutugreen
This Page is only for AS139073, If you are looking for IXP, Pleasy visit: FSIX
Any peering request are welcome through Internet eXchange (in common), or via tunnel.


Name ASN Type
Choopa, LLC AS20473 Commercial Upstream
VMHaus Limited AS136620 Commercial Upstream
Htroy Network (Htroy Network Research Limited) AS139216 Direct Peer Session
Haima Global Network (Zhanrui Tian) AS139328 Direct Peer Session
Peers in IX with Router Server are not listed, but can be found in PeeringDB. Although we connect to IXP route servers where present, any direct peering session is still welcome.

Special Thanks for the following sponsor / provide the transit service.

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Get Connected

Any peering requests are welcome. As an experimental project, for peering session, there will be no charge for both sites (also no SLA/Guaranteed)
As a "Fantasy" network, we recommend you to peer us through Internet eXchanges that we have in common, or via tunnel.
We are very flexible. If you have any question / special request, feel free to email us. Happy Peering!
PerferredLanguage: English / Chinese. 我们支持中/英文交流.

  • Available Peering Sites

    Tunnel Peering Only, Virtual PoP
    China, Shanghai*
    China, Hong Kong
    Japan, Tokyo
    US, Fremont
    US, San Jose
    UK, London
    Germany, Frankfurt
    Switzerland, Zurich
  • IXPs:

    Experimental Virtual Internet Exchange
    IXP Cat Great Britain London
    IXP Cat Germany Nuremberg
    4b42 Internet Exchange Point
    Fantasy Sky Internet eXchange Shanghai
  • Contact / Email / Phone

    Can be found on PeeringDB (only visible to valid users)
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